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What is the Strategic Planning Process for Growth?

How to Build Business Growth Solid Foundations.

First thing first

The best way to proceed is to follow a methodology. It sounds logical but it will help you.

First thing first: This is where you must synthesize all the key elements of your business.

There are SECRETS. The first secret is **Data**.

Data-based plan

You need to design a data-based plan including:

1. The problem,

2. The solution,

3. Your business model,

4. Your market,

5. Your go-to-market strategy,

6. A competitive analysis,

7. Your Financial projections,

8. Timeline,

9. BONUS: A strong branding.
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Be Data-Driven

Let's go into a little more detail on each point.

 The problem your (future) customers face: Bring numbers from industry.

 The solution you propose (your solution to the problem of point 1) - Mention the Added Value you propose to your customers (Unique Value Proposition - UVP).

 Your Business Model: How do you monetize your business, what is the pricing, etc.

 Your Market: What is your industry? Your niche? Who are your (future) customers? Your competition landscape? This is key to knowing your market before making a hypothesis.

 Go to market Strategy: Segmented Targets, Leads Acquisition channels and Conversion pipelines, etc. Here it is important to consider a Marketing strategy, a Sale strategy and a Customer Success strategy. The three of them should be consistent within your business strategy.

 Competitive analysis: Know your market! Data is KEY: You have to know your (future) customers but also your competitors, their product/service, acquisitions and conversion channels, etc to be able to compare with your business and identify your UVP (see point 2).

 Timeline: What is your plan for the next 1–3 years? What are your objectives? How do you plan to reach them?

 Branding: The 8 previous elements should be included within your Business Plan, following the Logo, Graphic chart, Values of your business.
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How to?

The second secret is that your strategy will be nothing without an appropriate implementation.

Your strategy must not be fixed and static, it must be evolving according to your progress and your results: A/B Testing, Data collection and analysis, Iterations.

Once you have your strategy, implement it, test it and iterate it!
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How we help you

Validating Hypothesis

Validating a hypothesis through a data-based approach is the very first step to be able to implement a Growth Strategy.

Strategy Execution

We help you translate growth strategies into operational realities, and transform your vision into actions with measurable results.
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